Opening a File into the GroovyConsole programmatically

Groovy 1.6 (still in beta) has introduced a new handy method into the Groovy Console : loadScriptFile. That allows you to load a script and open it into the Groovy Console. Here are the few lines of code to make it work. import groovy.ui.Console; Console console = new Console();; console.loadScriptFile(“C:/My documents/MyScript.groovy”); That‘s it.

Templates Including Other Templates In Groovy

I need to include Groovy templates within other Groovy templates, a bit like JSPs that can include child JSPs. This feature doesn‘t exist out of the box so I‘ve developed a new TemplateEngine based on the SimpleTemplateEngine . If you have this kind of need, just check this little post.

2nd day at Grails Exchange

Well, first of all, I really have to beach about public transports in London. Yesterday the Central line wasn‘t working and today the Northern line had severe delays. It took me 1:30 hour to go from south London (Balham) to the conference hall (the Barbican Center). I love London, it‘s a fantastic city and I … Continue reading

1st day at Grails Exchange

Here I am in London attending my first day at the Grails Exchange. Unfortunately I missed the keynote from Guillaume LaForge and Graeme Rocher this morning because I took a late train from Paris. Not because I wanted to sleep more, but I just managed to enrol yesterday afternoon (thanks to Guillaume for his help … Continue reading


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