Several Architectural Styles with Java EE 7

If you are like me, in your career you came across Architects who want to homogenize every single application in the company : from the smallest web app to the biggest application. All projects have to conform to the 542 pages In-house Architectural Guide and develop a 6 tier application (it could be 5, 6, … Continue reading

High availability. What does it exactly mean ?

Maybe like me you are used to read architecture documents that state that an application should have high availability. It’s not uncommon to read that an application should have four-nine availability (99,99%). But what does it really mean ? In the JBoss in Action book there is a very clear explanation by giving the allowed … Continue reading

Coding the architecture

I’ve been invited to London by Skills Matter to follow their 2 days workshop called : Coding the architecture. This workshop has been created by Simon Brown and Kevin Seal. The workshop was given by Simon. Actually, that’s one thing I really like with Skills Matter : they spot the people who are knowledgeable about … Continue reading

Looking for a definition of an architect

On top of my J2EE consultancy work, I teach one evening a week at university. The topics I cover go from UML modelling, Design Patterns, Refactoring, Java APIs, Servlets, JSP, XML, EJBs, XML to Web Services . My students have to do a weekly exercise and therefore have to model and write lots of Java … Continue reading


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